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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cooking up a storm

I made the most amazing razor clams the other night. The neighbors just couldn't stop raving about them. The secret is the breading, but I'm not going to give that up here.

I find cooking to be an excellent proving ground for corporate management. And there's nothing like throwing in unexpected ingredients.

That's why I've decided that the time has come to get Sun into consumer products, products that will set new standards for technical leadership and eco-friendliness.

Yes, that's right; Sun is coming to your kitchen.

We learned a lot from our Niagara processors that consume less energy than anything else out there. That was a good message, but these products will do that one better.

In fact, our new products will not only save electricity, they will actually generate electricity!

I can't say any more right now. Our attorneys are all worried that those frigtards at Net App will sue us for getting into the appliance business.

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