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Sunday, October 28, 2007


Sun is really big on this flex officing thing that Scooter started years back. Half the company works from home and has no assigned office or cubicle.

Financially, this policy makes great sense for the company. We spend less on offices and in theory we attract the best and the brightest with our progressive flexibility.

But I have to admit that sometimes I walk around Menlo Chernobyl and wonder where the hell everybody went. There are hallways, courtyards, and cafes with no people. Old posters hang on the walls with corporate branding of the 90's. It's like somebody dropped a friggin neutron bomb and killed off the population.

And yet I know that my people are working. They're just out there, making the company tick while I preside over this deserted camelot.

So out of desperation, I've decided to declare a new tradition. Every day of the week will now be declared Bring your sorry ass into work day for each of our individual business units. And if anybody gives me any shit, they'll get Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Before you know it, Some of Sun's Offices could turned into a Data Centers.

Anonymous said...

last paragraph says "will no be" but it should say "will now be".

Hey FJ .. lern how to tipe?

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