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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How green is my limo?

You know, when you're CEO of one of the Greenest companies in America, people tend to watch and see if you walk the talk. That's why I'm especially proud of my new Green Limo (GL).

I've always been concerned about the environment. Not so long ago I even rode the Sun shuttle to work every day with the serfs. In fact, I hear they've since converted the thing to organic biodiesel.

But the GL is really something special. As the world's first hybrid plug-in limo, it's effectively carbon emission neutral. In fact, whenever I'm on 101, there's 2.5 less SUVs able to fit on the road.

Looking forward, I think I've sold Google on getting one of these babies for every one of their employees. If that works out, I'm thinking we could just about eliminate traffic and pollution in the entire Bay area!


aisha said...

Hello Fake,
I was interested in reading the blog.
You know, I really happy that today there are people like you, who would like to protect our environment, who really care about it, who really would like to change the people's mind about how valuable our motherland is.
I like your idea of Green Limo. Limousine hire companies have to think about it.
Only human beings can change the disaster situation which happens in the world.

Diana said...

If we want to create Green Limo, first of all we should think about Hummer limo, which are really harm nature. Such huge monsters produce withdrawals, which exceed rates.

Dennis said...

many limo hire companies are not only working on making their limousines kinder to the environment, but their whole business as well. However, in making their limousines more environmentally friendly, there are a number of simple things the limo hire companies can do. For example, having the limousines serviced regularly ensures that they are not using more fuel than necessary, this also includes ensuring the tyres are balanced and not worn as this also makes the car work harder and use more fuel. The limo hire companies are also able to convert some of their limousines to run on compressed natural gas which is better for the environment, and there are even limousines which run on electricity, doing away with fuel worries all together.

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