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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Soccer Mom: 1 Vista 0

Did you ever think you end up feeling sorry for Steve Ballmer? Me neither. But then came this story about the mother of a 13 year old who scolded Ballmer for Vista's all around nincompoopery.

Now, I'm sure Ballmer has a lot to do being the CEO of big, bloated company and all. But ever since that stinker of an OS hit the shelves, he has to go around defending it, even in places where Vista has nothing to do with the agenda.

When you and I do something every day, we tend to get better at it. When Ballmer goes through the daily ringer by a soccer mom on this particular day, the best argument he could pull out of his ass is that they put a lot of value in Vista for the enterprise.

So the next time you hear Mr. B. blathering about Linux impinging on his IP, keep in mind that he basically just trying to change the subject. It's that or the poor deluded bastard actually believes Microsoft has IP worth stealing.


happyface said...

Silly, Microsoft doesn't sell IP, they rent/license it. Come on, why sell your assets, when you can make umpteenbillion times that in "license" agreements? :)

Anonymous said...

Microsoft is stuck in 90s. They are getting desparate!

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