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Saturday, October 20, 2007

ME to SE

So the news slipped this week that we are going to let Java Mobile Edition wither and push the full Java Standard Edition down to mobile devices. There are a lot of technical and business reasons for doing this, and frankly it's just not a big deal.

But over the weekend, I got a call from Analyst Relations that Dana Garner was ringing alarm bells on this story. I clicked on the link and was shocked at what I saw there.

My God! Dana Gardner is a friggin man!

All these years I've been trading flirty emails with this person thinking he was a woman. Crikey! I lost my lunch right there at the kitchen table.

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Dana Gardner said...

That was you with those emails?! JS, we've a had some great chats, man to man. And we even did a Gillmor Gang together. You took oneof my questions at the last JavaOne. You could see my nose hair, no? I'm clearly all guy.

But thanks for the link love, baby.

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