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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Commodity blaze

You know, I just hate getting into it with the lawyers. Last night they were getting our Niagra II slides ready in Vegas and somebody flagged the title: "World's most Powerful Commodity Chip." So I get the call at midnight while I'm kicking ass at the poker table.

"Jonathan, they're saying we've got to substantiate that, umm, most powerful thing."

"Right," I responded. "Change 'Most Powerful Chip' to 'Most Innovative Chip' and tell them to STFU."

Crisis solved. Trouble was, the guy I was playing against heard the conversaton and then called my bluff.

So I cashed my remaining chips and reached out to shake his hand. I noticed he had was wearing an IBM gold watch.

"Dude, I think you fixed the wrong problem," he said. "Since Apple dumped PowerPC, the friggin lawyers haven't let us call it commodity either."

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Steve Ballmer said...

You have always been a good bluffer! The only problem is that bluffing is all you ever do, so we always how to react! lol

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