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Sunday, September 30, 2007

AP dishes my salary

There are things in this life that you're better off not knowing. One of them is the salary of your co-workers. There is no joy to found there, only jealousy, disgust, frustration and outright despair.

Sure, you may find that some folks make less than you do, but even the proportion can piss you off. I mean, can you believe they're paying that worthless SOB that much?

Timing is everything, too. We were doing our RIFs this week and I can't think of a worse time for my salary and perks to be splattered all over the business section.

Sure, $7.7 Million is more than some CEOs make, Steve Ballmer included, but it is nothing compared to Larry Ellison's $60 million. No wonder the asshole has that smug look on his friggin face all the time.

Folks, if the Sun board wants to give me a chauffer, plane rides for my kids, and a home security system, that's their prerogative. You should see all the stupid shit I asked for.

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