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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Game day

I get pretty worked up when football season starts. Seeing Howie Long and the rest of those morons on the Fox pregame show is like coming home.

And some people don't get it, as if sport isn't something worthy of us Mensa types. What they don't realize is that by watching large men pound the crap out of each other, even the meekest among us can reap the benefits of no-contact testosterone.

And us CEOs need the juice. We have to be decisive, strong, and confident when we call the plays, bukko! Football gets us in touch with that inner Neanderthal so that Monday we're ready to battle.

If I was Larry Ellison, I suppose I'd just load up on cialis and fly around in my MIG while pretending to strafe Santa Cruz. He tells me it makes everything look blue for days.

As for the rest of us, it's more important to embrace our limits and enjoy the talents of those strong enough to play the game. Sure, I'm just an armchair quaterback on Sunday, but when the work week starts, I'm the one in charge of 34,000 friggin people who can beat me up.


realqb said...

I like this analogy you bring up. Unfortunately, you're not quarterback material, Jonathan. Scott was, Scott still kicks butt, but you Jonathan are geek material, if that's any consolation. I do see the wisdom in making you CEO, though. It gives Scott someone to dish all the crap to. Besides, chairman of the board is where the real power lays.

Steve Ballmer said...

This explains a lot!

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