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Monday, September 3, 2007

You are who you sell to

A new BCG survey says that many executives are frustrated with their innovation spend. In a nutshell, they want more return on their IT investments.

I've harped on this before, but the guys who gripe about this are the ones who see IT only as an expense. And if you can think back to a job you had that was made hellish because they used shitty computer systems, then you know how counter-productive these bozos can be.

The truth is that Sun doesn't target the kind of customer who looks at servers like they're something to be filled with crap and then tossed away. Let them get their backoffice Huggies from Dell or whomever.

We want to deal with the guys who see IT as a competitive weapon. That's the pack we want to run with. Not only do these guys want to crush the beancounter bozos, they want to take over the friggin earth.

And, with any luck, some of that competitive musk will rub off on my team. I mean, I want fire in their bellies and this tree-humping eco kick they're on right now is damned near sedation.

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