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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Freedom of Assembly

Sun was probably the first company to hold a press conference in Second Life. I forget what we announced there, as I still have nightmares about the various phallic avatars that ended up in the audience.

But now that IBM employees in Italy have chosen to picket the company's Second Life HQ, I've decided to give this 3D shit a second chance. In fact, I've donated a boatload of Linden dollars to the cause through an anonymous source so these freedom fighters can have the best quality signs, t-shirts, and TATs all bemoaning the evils of Big Blue.

The funny thing is that those Italians are always striking about something. In real life, they strike for more vacation, higher hemlines, and cheaper porn so often that no one takes them seriously. But with this geeky Second Life thing, they'll probably get so much attention that IBM will have no choice but to cave and pay them whatever the fuck they want.

You know, naysayers get on me about my Red Shift and Participation Age rhetoric all the time, but here we have evidence that the shit is really going down. And when Big Corporations like IBM can no longer speak with a single voice, all the press releases in the world will be powerless against a couple of disgruntled employees who chose to be dickheads.

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