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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Jonathan Hears a Who

In the oft valued-under the
lander of sun
came notions to split the
stock four to one

I, pony-tailed leader shall
declare and state:
JAVA shares are too many
lets con-solidate!

The bankers on Wall Street they've
priced us so low
reflections of profit are
fogged and don't show

As surely as logs with a
maul can be split
We'll jack the shares up
They'll pay twenty for it!

And when the dust settles the
pundits will say:
they were wrong, whod've thought?
pony-tail saved the day!


Fake Scott said...

Dude, when I see those things I'm really glad to have appointed you to the job. I loved it, I'm still crying of joy.
Count on my vote for the 4-1 split, pal.
I love you.

Steve Ballmer said...

What's up with the pony tail?

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