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Monday, August 27, 2007

Christmas in August

I am so glad that August is nearly over! Since there's typically an end-of-summer drought of hi-tech news, we always turn up the PR to get the ink while we can.

I mean, look at what we announced this month: sustained profitability, a bunch of eco-innovations, the world's fastest commodity processor, and even a stock ticker change.

And the best news we could hope for comes from the Ballmer's Bowery Boys up in Redmond. Their Genuine Disadvantage Servers have been taking a dump for the last three or four days now. And wow, it turns out their dipshit architecture was a disaster waiting to happen!

So we're going to take it easy for a while with the announcements. That way, when Sun news is all over the wires, maybe even the frigtards with Vista will be able to read about it.

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