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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Five more thingys

Somebody tagged me again. This is the game where you tell five things about yourself and then tag some other bloggers to cough up some of their own dirt.

5. I lost a fortune on Transmeta stock. I was right in foreseeing the market would demand low-power chips, but timing is everything. A lot of good that FreeTard Linus did them.

4. You know that scene in Wild Hogs where they slap the bull on the ass and then run? I did that on the way home from the theater.

3. I wrote a science fiction story once about a guy who goes back in time to prevent the founding of Starbucks, only he winds up having to murder Herman Melville.

2. To produce my weekly corporate blog, I babble into Dragon Naturally Speaking for three or four hours and then pipe the file through Microsoft Word's AutoSummarize tool. Highly recommended.

1. After Scooter made a joke recently about my ponytail, I had his leg broken (just kidding). Anyways, I told them to make it look like an accident.

So those are my secrets. Fake Steve and Fake Ballmer, you're IT!

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