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Monday, August 27, 2007

You've lost a friend in the business

Today marks a sad day in the annuls of the American computer industry; Gateway Computer has sold itself to the Taiwanese at Acer.

I've always been a fan of Gateway, and it's not just because their former CEO Ted Waitt had a ponytail. No, with their cowskin logo and Midwest values, Gateway was a consummate success story of Americans making computers for Americans.

Companies like Gateway are national treasures. Think about it--the EU has never even had something like this to lose. Sure, they can crank out cars, jets, and cell phones, but they're computing resume is technologically bankrupt. And don't throw Bull/Siemens at me. That's just friggin gross.

I'd like to blame Dell or even Microsoft, but ever since IBM bailed and sold their PC business to the Chinese, the PC business in this country has been one big downward spiral of international mediocrity.

In the likelihood that those class acts Mark Hurd and Michael Dell barely burped at today's news, I'd like to propose a toast on behalf of the American Computer Industry:

"To Gateway. They may have fallen, but they will never be forgotten."


d00d said...

Am I the first to leave a comment on any of these, or does no one care about the RJS?
I am guessing the FJS blog is another RFSJ project.
Similar writing style, keep up the good work.

Fake Jonathan said...


You're the first to comment on this blog since it's only a couple of weeks old. Much appreciated.

And I don't work for Forbes ;-)

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