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Saturday, August 11, 2007

A tale of two launches

Tuesday was friggin huge in Silicon Valley. While I was busy announcing Niagra 2, the most powerful chip in the galaxy, FSJ had to steal my thunder by lifting the skirt up on his sexy little iMacs. And, predictably, the iTard got all the press.

Granted, his honeypot is actually on the shelf already, but us folks who sell to the Enterprise need to do a lot more ground work before we lay the pipe, OK?

Anyway, after a long day of launch socket-chip-core-thread-blah-blah, I snuck over to the neighbor's to watch the Apple event on their nifty Mac. I'd do this at the office, but Solaris still won't play quicktime (long story, blame Scooter).

Maybe it was the cheap wine, but man, for a while there, the famous Jobsian Reality Distortion Field was overwhelming my superior intellect. I really wanted one of these stupid things, even though I'd have to keep it next door.

And then he tripped up. Steve-O said that the new iMacs were made from two key elements: Aluminum and Silicon Dioxide, better known as Glass.

My neighbors were entranced. Not only did they accept that Silicon Dioxide is in the Periodic Table, they obviously believed he invented the shit.

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